8 centimeters, that’s how the first autonomous Shinkansen made a mistake

East Japan Railway has released footage of the first autonomous tests Shinkansen super train. It may seem strange that in Japan, famous all over the world for its advanced technologies, it is only now testing itself autonomous trains, but driving them was an honor for the citizens of this country and the authorities did not want to replace the train drivers with autonomous systems so far.

However, the situation is starting to change. Railways struggle with the problem of staff shortages. Therefore, tests of autonomous trains have begun. For a good start, this solution is being tested in combat in Niigata Prefecture. It turns out that E7 series Shinkansen it does a great job without drivers, although they were on board during the tests.

Experiments have shown that the composition missile train can stop at the designated place at the station with with a mere 8cm margin of error. In terms of time, there was no delay. Meanwhile, human engine drivers can afford 50 centimeters error and a few seconds of delay. This shows how great precision the Japanese were able to achieve and improve the already almost perfect, in terms of time, journeys between stations.

Autonomous versions of the E7 series Shinkansen have systems installed on board that communicate with the East Japan Railway train control center on an ongoing basis. There, computers oversee the depots and can safely deliver millions of Japanese to their destinations. It should be noted here that all communication takes place through super-fast 5G network.

East Japan Railway authorities have not yet announced when the autonomous trains will offer commercial journeys, but we can expect it to happen next year. In three years, the railway is to start in Japan Maglev, which is to carry passengers from speed over 600 km / h. A new generation of Shinkansen trains will also appear on the tracks. They are to offer journeys at a speed of over 350 km / h.


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