8 inch computer monitor. Contrary to appearances, it has a specific application

The PC platform is famous for countless gadgets and peripherals, the useful and rather crazy ones. The Elsonic company presented a small monitor with a specialist application. It is designed to display the news published on social networking sites or eg a list of conference members ?? all those things that will look good vertically.

EK-MD088 has an unusual aspect ratio of 7:32 and a resolution of 420 x 1920 pixels. Is not big ?? Thanks 8.8 inch diagonal won’t take up much space on your desk. It is powered from the USB-C port, and the image signal runs through the miniHDMI cable. According to the information posted on the website of the Nojima store, it is to go on sale in February 2022 and will cost PLN 14.8 thousand. yen (PLN 533).

Do you prefer big things to small screens? Therefore, I invite you to compare TV sets intended especially for players:

For this amount, you can buy a normal monitor (which you can also place vertically), so I put a question mark next to the sense of having a screen from Elsonic. Perhaps it is an offer for owners of very small desksfor which every square centimeter of working space matters.

8 inch computer monitor.  Contrary to appearances, it has a specific application - illustration # 2

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