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Other 8 women employees and former employees of Sony they joined the legal case for gender discrimination inside the PlayStation offices.

For the uninitiated, last November Emma Majo, a former PlayStation IT security analyst, accused Sony of having violated labor laws, paying female employees less than men for similar or identical jobs, even denying them promotions. Last month, Sony’s lawyers asked for the lawsuit to be quashed, as Majo would not be able to “state facts in support” of her claims.

According to the report published by Axios, eight other women have now joined the lawsuit initiated by Majo against Sony, with their testimonies speaking of humiliating comments against female employees. unwelcome advanceslack of attention to their work or ideas and the constant feeling that it is more difficult for a woman to advance careers within the PlayStation offices.



Marrie Harrington, a veteran of Sony Online Enterainment and Sony PlayStation for over 16 years, cites the absence of women for senior roles during the “calibration sessions”. In one of these, for example, 70 men and only 4 women were considered. In addition, comments were made on the private life of the employees, which was not the case for those of the male sex.

Kara Johnson, a former program manager, says instead “I believe that Sony is unable to adequately manage toxic work environments”, citing the fact that before her 10 other women have resigned at the offices of Rancho Bernando, California. , proof of the internal problems of the company.

Johnson’s statement also includes a letter she shared with her colleagues when she left Sony, in which she talks about repeated attempts to inform superiors about gender bias within the company, alleged discrimination against women, and resistance from the company. of a human resources manager in taking action despite the reports.

At the moment Sony has not yet officially commented on the new allegations.

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