8 places in the USA where a house costs the same as a small car

For all those who have always dreamed of having a home in the United States, there is good news: having it is easier than we could have imagined. We believe that US homes are particularly expensive, and that’s usually the case, that’s true. But to get one by spending a reasonable amount, the method exists and how.

We are all, since the days of films seen in childhood, in love with American homes. Those wooden porches, those verandas, the English windows and even those three or four steps that lead directly to a large well-kept green lawn that covers the garden. But our dream home is – surprisingly – close at hand.

Recently, the list of eight places where it is convenient to buy a house in the US was published, and just follow them to be able to immediately identify where we should buy our new American home.

The most popular places to buy a house at the beach or for holidays are Hatteras Island, in North Carolina, or Rockaway Beach, which is in Oregon; but also Gulf Shores in Alabama, Delray Beach in Florida and the legendary The Hamptons, in the state of New York.

exterior view of custom built home with exterior lighting and manicured landscaping

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But it is the cheaper places that are even more interesting. Because they are often not that far from the well-known ones. Here is who rushing to our rescue, in this case, is another list also recently published from the Housebeautiful.com website.

The eight places that stand out are: Iosco County, Michigan; Park County in Colorado; Langlade County which is instead located in Wisconsin and Warren County, in Pennsylvania; Roscommon County, Michigan; Marinette County in Wisconsin; Potter County in Pennsylvania and Koochiching County in the state of Minnesota.

In all these areas, buying a home is extremely cheap. They are much cheaper than the average cost of holiday homes in Italy or in other parts of Europe. But for those with a passion for the USA, in short, the game is done.

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