8-year-old boy with cough and chronic breathing problems, doctors make an incredible discovery

For a long time he suffered from a strong cough and some breathing problems, rather anomalous for its age. When the situation got worse, a baby eight-year-old was hospitalized and i doctors they discovered the glaring cause of his health problems.

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Cough and breathing problems, the discovery of doctors

Little Marley Enjakovic, eight years old, resident in Adelaide, Australia, had for some time begun to suffer from a strong cough, respiratory problems and retching. For over two years, the child had had difficulty breathing, but doctors had never been able to make a correct diagnosis. The situation then worsened at the end of last year, when the cough became stronger and the little one was hospitalized because he could no longer breathe on his own. Admitted to intensive care, Marley was examined by doctors who then discovered the cause of the problems: a small plastic flower, which the child had ingested when he was not even three years old, and which was trapped in the airways. Metro.co.uk also reports.

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The small emergency operation

At that point, surgeons at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne could not do anything but emergency operation on the child. The plastic flower has been removed from his throat, but Marley has been hospitalized for months: the operation was so delicate that the convalescence was rather long and complex. Skye, the baby’s mother, explained: “The cough usually appeared when my son ate, but then it lasted for hours and was absolutely scary. He loves to play soccer and basketball but he couldn’t do it for more than a few minutes. At first I thought he suffered from asthma, then I thought that his problems were connected with the ingestion of food and drink ».

The story of the mother

“The discovery obviously shocked me, but also relieved me. All these years, without ever having an answer, have been dramatic for our family. I was afraid that he had a rare disease, perhaps congenital, since birth “- explained mother Skye -” I want to launch an appeal to other parents: always keep an eye on your children and if you suspect that there is something wrong, do everything everything possible to understand the truth. Now I’m happier than ever to have my son with me. ‘

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