800 million zlotys in cryptocurrencies disappeared. Wamamanie on Bitmart

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December 6, 2021, 13:56

A significant amount of cryptocurrency has been stolen from Bitmart. Their value is almost PLN 800 million.


  • Gieda Bitmart falls victim to a hacker attack.
  • They stole a lot of cryptocurrencies with a total value of nearly $ 200 million.
  • The owner of the stock exchange will confirm that the company will cover the losses of users.

Another cryptocurrency exchange has fallen victim to a hacker attack. This time it falls on the popular Bitmart, which suffered from damaging on Saturday night. The website owners confirmed that various cryptocurrencies were stolen and valued them at 150 million dollars (about 610 million zlotys).

Other conclusions were drawn by PeckShield Inc., which deals with blockchain security issues. According to presented by her data, the value of all stolen tokens is in fact 196 million dollars (almost 800 million zlotys). Some of them were to operate on the basis of the Ethereum network (total value of $ 100 million), and the rest on the basis of the Binance Chain ($ 96 million).

In addition, the company reveals which cryptocurrencies were stolen. Hackers have not attempted to steal the most popular currencies such as Bitcoin or Ether. Instead, significant sums of SAFEMOON, X2P, FLNS, BabyDoge and many others were stolen.

Bitmart boss Sheldon Xia will betray on Twitter that the insolvency was caused by the theft of a private key linked to two hot cryptocurrency wallets. The company is currently investigating the reasons for this. Xia will also confirm that the stock exchange will cover the losses caused by the hacker.

What is a hot wallet?

A hot wallet is a type of software that allows you to store cryptocurrencies in the cloud. It enables quick access to accumulated funds, but in relation to cold wallets it is more vulnerable to attacks by hackers. The second of the aforementioned wallets operates outside the Internet.

800 million

rdo: Twitter

For security reasons, Bitmart will hold all payments for the time being. Most likely, the possibility of making them will be restored on December 7. The company is expected to provide more information on the way forward soon.

800 million

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