838 killed in one day in Spain due to the coronavirus, and the country has a record 29/03/2020


Spain registered a new record of deaths in a single day by a new coronaviruses. In the last 24 hours, there were 838 deaths in the country, which now amounts to 6.528 fatalities caused by a pandemic, and informs the balance sheet, published this week by the ministry of Health.

The second country with the largest number of deaths caused by the covid-19-after Italy and Spain were registered with 832 deaths, just yesterday, from a record of the daily, rising from 5 billion in total. Up until yesterday, it had 72.248 confirmed cases.

In the hospitals of Madrid, the region most affected, to the professionals working in these extreme conditions. Of the share capital registered in the majority of cases, followed by Catalonia in spain.

To curb the high number of deaths, the government is going to toughen measures against the coronavirus, and will take place today, with a restriction on the services, and releasing only the ones that are seen as essential. “All the workers in activities that are not essential should be left at home,” said Peter Sanchez, as the prime minister of Spain. The restriction to the valley tomorrow to the 9th of April.

The choice of isolation was very much criticized by the opposition and business leaders, but the government was left with no option to see the number of people killed by the covid-19. Among the services that you will be able to work on are the food, drug stores, gas stations, supermarkets, telephone services, and laundry facilities.

The aim is to further reduce the mobility and thus the spread of the virus, while the spaniards are already on the subject since the middle of march, the rigorous containment, which has been extended to the 11th of April. Up to now, they have only been able to get out of the house to work for as long as the working would not be possible to buy food, receive medical treatment, or to remove a dog quickly.

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The Spanish government has also charged that the European Union should take decisions in bold and the brave,” about a pandemic.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the more 667.090 cases of infection have been registered in 183 countries and territories. At the time, most of the 3.3 billion people in the world are confined in the planet.

*With Information from AFP

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