87th Plebiscite of Przegląd Sportowy. Hubert Hurkacz. Closer to the top

This season will give me a huge kick – said a 24-year-old player from Wrocław after the Masters tournament in Turin. And despite the fact that he lost three matches at Pala Alpitour, everything he did in recent months had an amazing dimension, unprecedented in Polish tennis. Hurkacz impressed us all in many places, dealing with some of Wojciech Fibak’s records. More will probably fall in the coming years.

He took the right direction

Hubert started the season with a tournament win in Delray Beach. Then he confirmed it with another success in Florida – in early spring one of the most important thousandths won, once called the fifth left of the Miami Open Grand Slam. Along the way, he defeated several other talented players belonging to the Next Gen group like him: Denis Shapovalov, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Andrei Rublev and Jannik Sinner. So rivals who – with the exception of the Canadian – recently took part in the ATP Finals.

Even then, he knew that he belonged to this group with full rights. – The victories additionally confirmed him that he was right in this direction – his physical preparation coach Przemysław Piotrowicz confirmed before Wimbledon. Stressing that in the case of the best Polish player, sky is the limit. What we quickly found out on the holy London grass.

Hurkacz, in five sets and after two days of fighting interrupted by rain, eliminated the runner-up in the ATP ranking of Daniil Medvedev. In the quarter-finals he faced Roger Federer and played just perfectly. In three sets he dealt with the Swiss, and in the last game he beat him to zero. Such a disgraceful master from Basel has never been killed in this place in history.

This duel and the entire Wimbledon performance in general drove the young Pole until the end of the season. He felt that a place in the elite was close. In September, he triumphed in Metz, beating, among others, Andy Murray on his way to the title. Also the former leader of the ATP ranking, which he also dealt a little earlier in Cincinnati. Our tennis player proved that he can win not only in the United States, but also in other parts of the world. And also indoors, because the tournament was played indoors. In France, at that time, he felt absolutely fantastic at all. In November, he reached the semi-finals in the Bercy hall, where he fought an exciting three-hundred game with Novak Djokovic. He was very close to winning over arguably the greatest player in history.

Second after Fibak

Hubert’s other big dream also came true – he became a player of the top ten. And in this respect, a Pole No. 1 in history. He became the ninth rocket in the world, which means he is already higher than Wojciech Fibak in his best season in this respect, 1977. We waited for over forty years and again we have a representative in the elite. Another achievement of the master from Poznań has also been improved. His best Grand Slam result was the quarter-final, Hurkacz has already gone a step further. Yet he hadn’t said the last word yet. Ten years ahead of him, he will continue to develop.

The Wrocław citizen gave his whole heart and body to tennis. He drew strength from his wise, strategic decisions – he has a superteam headed by coach Craig Boynton, two great bases in Saddlebrook near Tampa and in Monte Carlo on the Cote d’Azur, and he works perfectly thanks to a vegan diet that has been used since childhood. It does not eat meat, but it hunts for the thickest game. And knowing Hubi’s passions and dedication, we won’t be surprised if he ever sits on the throne.



Hubert has matured this year. He is already – like Iga – an athlete who can win the most important professional tournaments. I like his versatile, well-balanced tennis. Wimbledon was phenomenal in his performance, the grass serves him.

Our player, however, can acclimatize on any surface. It can also be spectacularly successful on concrete and on the ground. He is not afraid of even the biggest names and stands. On the contrary – they mobilize him and motivate him to show everything he can.

Hurkacz is also very fit for its height and conditions. Physical preparation becomes his forte. Same as startup policy. He selects events wisely, knows when to regenerate and rest.

Today, tennis is a race full of professionalism, medicine and technology are moving forward. Hubert also has no backlogs in this field and is very good at it. I am glad that thanks to him we achieve such success in the century of Polish tennis. We have reasons to be proud in this jubilee season!

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