9 jewels for navel piercing

Piercing enthusiasts of all kinds know it: after the healing time comes the time for the reward. In other words, the time to swap the prosthesis that was used to seal the perforation of an ear, a nostril, or other to finally put on a jewel to your liking.

The navel piercing requires at least six months of healing and this can sometimes extend to nine months. While they are hidden by clothes during the winter, this summer, belly jewelry is revealed to everyone.

Between 2000s inspirations and timeless designs, an overview of navel jewelry to afford.

Dangling navel piercings, a summer trend

In the 2000s, the navel piercing completed the look of our favorite style icons. From Paris Hilton to Kourtney Kardashian via Priyanka Chopra: all chose to enhance their look with a sparkling navel jewel between their crop top and their low-waisted skirt.

Today piercing is on the rise and this can be explained by the simple fact that the 2000s inspire the fashion world and its aficionados more than ever. And to the delight of those who have a perforated navel, several brands are offering trendy navel jewelry this season.

Starting with Claire’s, which created this season a belly jewel with flower pendants. This type of long accessory brings a dose of sensuality to the silhouette and you have to be sure to wear a particularly low-waisted bottom so that it stands out.

Yonidapunani, a young American label dedicated to piercings, also offers a pendant jewel which takes the form of a heart symbol suspended from a diamond. A romantic detail that would go perfectly with a very feminine outfit.

Sunny days probably inspired the creators of the Hanyslux brand. In his collection is a piercing with pendants in the shape of pink butterflies that you can shop and there is no doubt that it will appeal to fans of a bohemian and very feminine style.

Reminiscent of the model popular with stars at the start of the new millennium, this piercing is adored by millennials.

The most beautiful belly piercings to shop

Those who have their navel pierced will agree that there are quite a few shops that offer navel jewelry. Rare are the jewelery stores that market it, but you can trust a few essential names such as Histoire d’Or and brands specializing in the sale of piercing jewellery.

At Histoire d’Or, you will find a yellow gold belly jewel timeless. It is like the first jewel you get the day you pierce it and because it is of high quality, you will keep it for a long time.

As for the Kingsley Ryan brand sold on the ASOS e-shop, silver jewelry aficionados will be served. The claw creates a stainless steel belly button bar with, at the end of the lower side, an iridescent stone in the shape of a pear.

The aesthetics of belly button jewelry matter a lot. However, you should not ignore the quality of the jewel and for that we will always advise you to choose steel jewelry or titanium. Two materials that present a lower risk of bad skin reactions.

Find our selection of belly jewelry in the slideshow below:

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