9-year-old girl killed in a shooting at home: it’s a manhunt

A man broke into the house and started shooting. Her little girl, 9 years old, was shot in the chest and there was nothing for her to do

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A 9 year old girl was killed in your home during a shooting during which two other people were injured. The police are on the trail of the killer.

Killed at age 9 during a shooting: the facts

The tragedy took place a Liverpoolin the Dovecot district.

At around 10pm on Monday 22 August a man broke into the Kingsheath Avenue house and reportedly fired several shots. pistol against those present.

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Olivia, 9, died from wounds on her chest

The small one, Olivia Pratt-Korbelwas hit in the chest while the others present, the child’s father and mother, were reached respectively in the abdomen and in one hand.

For the little girl, all the rescue attempts proved useless: rushed to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital she died shortly after following her injuries.

The manhunt

After the shooting in which little Olivia lost her life, the killer went into hiding.

That’s why the Merseyside County Police started a real one manhunt and ordered the closure of all exits in the area.

Jenny Simsassistant police chief, told the BBC: “The shooting was truly shocking, no parent should mourn the loss of a child due to dire circumstances like this.”

A Jenny Sims echoed Ian ByrneMP from the West Derby Labor Party: “[I residenti] they are contributing all together as a real community, helping the police and providing them with as much information as possible ”.

The serial murder trail

The death of little Olivia is part of a series of mysterious murders that are wearing down the inhabitants of Liverpool.

On the same evening the girl died, a 50-year-old woman was found lifeless following a stab chest in a pub parking lot.

Again, on Sunday 21 August Ashley Dale28, was shot dead in the Old Swan neighborhood.

Finally, on August 16, the 20-year-old Sam Rimmer he was hit by shots fired by two people aboard electric bicycles that are currently researched.

Speaking of the death of little Olivia, only 9, a resident reported that he clearly heard 4 gunshots.

The police are asking all inhabitants to also provide videos of the surveillance circuits of their homes.

For children all over the world it is a summer of blood: after the death of Elena Dal Pozzo and the tragic story of Diana Pifferi, we remember the 7-year-old girl who was raped and killed in Pakistan.


Photo source: iSTOCK

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