A beautiful gesture in the Premier League! The players paid tribute to the tragically deceased child

The Sun said on Thursday that the parents of six-year-old boy Arthur Labinjo-Hughes were found guilty of killing the child. Thomas Hughes, 29, and Emma Tustin, 32, mentally and physically abused the six-year-old for many months.

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes died in the hospital on June 17, 2020, to which he was brought the day before. It was established that the boy had serious skull injuries, later confirmed during an autopsy.

Investigation found that on June 16, 2020, Emma Tustin’s stepmother was banging the baby’s head against the wall. It was this event that caused the 6-year-old to die.

Investigators found that the child was tortured by his guardians for many months. The boy was starved and ordered to eat huge amounts of salt. In addition, he was often beaten, insulted and given various kinds of punishments.

During Saturday’s Premier League matches, players and fans paid tribute to the deceased boy. – A tribute was paid to the murdered Arthur Labinjo-Hughes after his torturers were imprisoned – we read on the Sky Sports profile.

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