A Big Surprise Is Coming to a Netflix Series

What’s in store for us in Season 2 of the Netflix series “The Wednesdays”? The first clues have been unveiled by Jenna Ortega and the rest of the cast, and that should allow fans to set up theories while waiting for these new episodes to air!

Wednesday season 2: Jenna Ortega takes the reins

Netflix will release the first season in November 2022 Wednesday, series adapted from The Addams Family as conceived by Tim Burton. As its name suggests, the show follows Morticia and Gomez’s eldest daughter as she enters Nevermore Academy, an exclusive high school for “special” teens. At this eccentric school, young Addams, played by Jenna Ortega, explores her supernatural powers and her eccentric personality, Navigating the Turmoil of Adolescence, Between dark plots, disturbing secrets, and strange encounters, the series immerses viewers in the sinister universe imagined by Charles Addams while the teens are married to the series’ code. Riverdale,

Soon after it went online, the Netflix series A true event, Wednesday Then became one of the most watched shows of the brand with the red logo, and catapulted Jenna Ortega to stardom.

Wednesday’s Dance: Already a cult scene! © Netflix

It comes as no surprise that Netflix quickly announced that Season 2 would see the light of day. In addition to narrating the lead role, Jenna Ortega will also be producing. A position of high responsibility for the 20-year-old actress Joe wants to fully invest in the program even by completely changing some aspects of the series.

Surprise coming in Season 2!

This Sunday, June 18, Netflix announced its highly anticipated upcoming content at a global event. and of course there was a panel dedicated Wednesday, Although no footage from Season 2 has been released (filming has yet to begin), Jenna Ortega and the rest of the cast have responded fan theories about the series, And one of them will come true in the new episode.

In fact, The show’s second season will see a new member of the Addams Family, If the actors don’t yet know their identities, each goes to his own little party: will it be Cousin Machin as Jenna Ortega hopes, or Grand-Mere as the other young actors hope?

We’ll find out the answer when Season 2 airs. Wednesday,

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