“A biodegradable material that dissolves in the ocean in less than a month”: the US study proposes a potential substitute for plastic

The emergency ofplastic pollution it represents a growing problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. A study published in the journal takes an important step to counter the need for plastics Science of the Total Environment, led by scientists from the University of California San Diego and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The team, led by Stephen Mayfield, Michael Burkart and Robert Pomeroy, came up with the biodegradable materials that could replace the conventional use of plastics and fight pollution.

Plastic is now ubiquitous on the planet and reaches marine depths, food supplies and living organisms. In marine ecosystems, plastic residues can migrate to central areas and form swirls of waste, which compromise the well-being of the ocean environment and increase pollution levels. One example is the Big Pacific Garbage Patch, which covers an area of ​​over 1.6 million square kilometers. According to current estimates, in just one year or so eight billion kilograms of plastic reach the ocean and in 2025 these values ​​are expected to increase considerably. The US research team has devised a plastic-like substance that biodegrades in the ocean in less than a month. The team worked with polyurethane foams capable of degrade in compost. The location of the pier allowed scientists to perform tests and experiments in the natural ecosystem near the coastwhere the accumulation of pollutants is more likely.

Scholars have identified a mix of fungi and bacteria which colonizes the foam and the breaks down in the starting chemicals, which can be consumed by the microorganisms themselves. These forms of marine life, the scientists point out, occur naturally in the marine ecosystem. “We have demonstrated the possibility of making plastic products capable of dissolve into the ocean in just four weeks, ”says Stephen Mayfield, one of the scientists leading the team. “When organisms settle on the foams we see the formation of a kind of microbial coral reef. It was really interesting. Environmental problems must be addressed and it will be necessary to design eco-sustainable and effective strategies to combat pollution. We hope our work can offer one viable solution to reduce the need for plastic and polluting products “.

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