A blow to the builders. Material prices have risen dramatically

According to the last report of the PSB Handel Group, the prices of building materials in December 2021 compared to the corresponding month of 2020 increased by an average of 24%. The increases were recorded in all 20 product groups. And so – as calculated – OSB boards more expensive by 63 percent, thermal insulation by 57%, dry building by 42%, roofs, gutters by 24 percent In turn, the materials from the group walls, chimneys more expensive by 23 percent, installations, heating by 19 percent, waterproofing insulations by 17%, and with garden and hobby groups by 16 percent

It was marked in a group joinery prices increased by 16% in the group trim by 14% in the group tools by 14 percent The same increase (14%) was recorded in the group tiles, bathrooms, kitchensand also in a group house surroundings. In turn, materials from the segment lighting, electrics prices increased by 13 percent from the segment equipment, household appliances by 11 percent, and from the segment construction chemicals and from the segment paints, varnishes and automotive increased by 10 percent. The prices of the group’s materials increased relatively the least, i.e. by 9% decor and from the group cement, lime by 7 percent

It has been calculated that prices in the period of January-December 2021, compared to the same period of 2020, increased on average by 12%. Increases were recorded in all 20 product groups: OSB boards (+56%), thermal insulation (32%), dry construction (29%), roofs, gutters (14%), installations, heating (12%). , lighting, electrics (10%), tools (8%), waterproofing (8%), woodwork (8%), garden and hobby (7%), tiles, bathrooms, kitchens (7%). ), finishing touches (7%), home surroundings (7%), automotive (7%), equipment, household appliances (6%), construction chemicals (+ 6%), cement, lime (5%) , paints, varnishes (5%), walls, chimneys (4%) and decorations (3%).

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