A blow to the prosumer, i.e. changes in the regulations on photovoltaics

2021-12-06 06:55

2021-12-06 06:55

A blow to the prosumer, i.e. changes in the regulations on photovoltaics
A blow to the prosumer, i.e. changes in the regulations on photovoltaics
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As a result of the change in regulations, the impetus for the development of prosumer photovoltaics in Poland will drop by half – writes Monday’s Rzeczpospolita.

“According to the experts of the Institute for Renewable Energy, if 2 GW of micro-installations has been added to the power system this year, this result will drop to 1 GW next year. The Polish PV Association for the Photovoltaic Industry goes even further, announcing that in 2022 we will see a decline the number of new installations by 70 percent. ” – we read in Rzeczpospolita.

According to the daily, this will be the effect of the settlement system adopted by the Sejm for owners of such installations. “Those who manage to make it by April 1, 2022, will be able to use the existing facilities for home investments for the next 15 years. Marauders will collide with a new, less favorable and more complicated in + handling +, billing system and shrinking surcharges” – informs ” Republic”.

Paradoxically – as he explains – the brake on the prosumer energy sector is the result of the defeat of the harvest. “For the last two years, home PV installations have been the fastest growing source of energy. Thanks to subsidies, Poles have reached for savings, quickly increasing the share of renewable energy in energy production in Poland. As a result, the government could boast of a rapid march towards the targets for the use of renewable energy set by the EU. – from 350 MW of power on the roofs we reached 4.5 GW of real power in three years. Moreover, home PV installations allowed to eliminate the risk of interruptions in supplies in the summer “- writes the newspaper.

He adds that experts believe, however, that the changes will not discourage everyone. “Despite the new solutions, the prosumer will still be in a more favorable position than the consumer relying only on electricity from the socket. Savings may reach 50-60% of the bills. Some amenities will, however, be maintained, and the installation will have to be precisely matched to the needs of one’s own home, as long as it is not produced. more than you use up yourself, writes Rzeczpospolita. (PAP)

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