A bomb from Thiago swept Porto off the pitch

Porto looked pretty good compared to Liverpool today. It had its own situations. It had moments of advantage – maybe not decisive, but noticeable. But he still ends his fifth round of the Champions League group stage with zero points after losing 2-0 at Anfield. Firstly, because “Dragons” from the first whistle of the referee lacked details at the goal of Alisson. Secondly, because Thiago Alcantara scored one of the most beautiful goals in his career.

Liverpool – Porto. Chaos before the break

The first half of the meeting was – one puts the word on the lips – torn. Liverpool were unable to fully control the flow of the game, while Porto were notoriously sloppy in their lightning-fast counterattacks. As a result, we saw a lot of inaccurate passes, unsuccessful dribbles, actions ended with an offside or a poor quality shot. It is difficult to have reservations about the pace or intensity of any of the teams – in this respect both the hosts and the guests were really great. But purely football quality was simply lacking in many situations.

The Reds’ plan to dismantle the Portuguese defensive was, as is usually the case with this team, very simple. Immediately after the pickup, transfer the ball to the opponent’s half and search for back-line passes in the direction of Sadio Mane or Mohamed Salah. Once it almost succeeded, when Thiago Alcantara started the Senegalese with a great perpendicular play. He put the ball into the net, but VAR saw a slight offside. Besides, by the way, it is Liverpool that have not created too many clear situations for themselves. There was still something missing in the last phase of the action – and it was Salah who was hoping for a defender in one-on-one action, and it was Minamino who was passing the pace … Sand scraped in the English machine.

Porto actually played very similar before the break. Often skipping the second line, wanting to surprise The Reds with a high line of defense. And on a few occasions it was really close for the hosts to actually get hurt. A lot of confusion in the offensive was made especially by Luis Diaz, who was extremely courageous in dribbling and perfectly shielding the ball from the pressure of the opponents. However, the “Dragons” lacked decisiveness when finalizing the action. They did not have a really greedy guy for goals, who – once he gets the ball – he will just bang under the counter and that’s it.

Otavio botched the best goal chance. It’s hard to believe that he failed to get the ball into the goal.

Liverpool – Porto. Great goal from Thiago

The beginning of the second edition of today’s fight brought another well-promising Porto attacks, but the guests still lacked an idea for an effective finalization of their actions. And when Liverpool allow you so much at Anfield, it really is right to take advantage of this hospitality, because sooner or later the hosts will just forget your good manners and will put you right between the eyes. And so it was also today. In the 52nd minute of the game the aforementioned Thiago showed off with a PHENOMENAL bomb from a distance. The disappointment on the goalkeeper Porto’s face said a lot.

First, Diogo Costa realized that he had no chance of hitting the ball in this situation. Secondly, he knew his field mates had missed their dream time to start The Reds, and now it would be getting harder and harder every minute.

Juergen Klopp’s side twenty minutes later increased their lead as Salah’s spectacular dribbling goal ended. And at that moment all the air was completely lost from the visitors. Okay, once or twice they tried to tug at Alisson’s goal, but there was no faith in the possibility of turning the game over. A second hit for the English team just killed the match. Especially since Liverpool players also felt that their two-goal lead was an exaggerated result, so they contented themselves with keeping this result, rather than looking for more goals in the end. As a result, the pace of the match dropped noticeably – the hosts gave up, and the guests lacked the energy for the last, even desperate spurt.

We feel a pity for “Dragons”. They did not present themselves badly and it was really close, and the meeting would have gone as planned. Well, at the end of the day it is the result that counts. But let the Portuguese team cheer up the fact that they still come second in the table. So the Portuguese have everything in their hands. And Liverpool? Five matches, fifteen points. In the group with Atletico, Milan and Porto. Bright thread, impressive.


(T. Alcantara 52 ′, M. Salah 70 ′)


photo: NewsPix.pl

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