“A boy came out who has so much to say”

Stash’s truth about the proposal made to Crytical after the fourth episode of the Evening of Amici 21.

Crytical he definitively left the school of Friends during the fourth episode of the Evening. Immediately after theeliminationhowever, the young rapper and former student of Anna Pettinelli received a truly unexpected proposal by Stash Fiordispinoor that of open his next concerts.

Stash’s confession on Crytical after Amici

There fourth episode of the Evening of Amici 21which aired on Saturday 9 April 2022, ended with theCrytical elimination. After discovering the outcome of the final ballot, however, the rapper received one great news from Stash: the frontman of The Kolors proposed to the boy to open his next concerts.

A news that has displaced and struck Crytical, who revealed to Maria De Filippi that he was truly honored for the opportunity received. A few hours fromelimination of the rapper from the Evening of Friendsthe talent show of De Filippi now in its twenty-first edition, Stash has decided to break the silence on social media and reveal the reasons that prompted him to make one collaboration proposal to Crytical:

Friends is something that we are passionate about. It’s so compelling that it almost makes you forget it’s a TV show. Perhaps the best thing about this show is to see in the eyes of the boys the desire to make their dream come true to the point of making it live for us too. And I think any singer’s dream is to be on stage in front of people. A guy came out tonight who has so much to say. And I believe in his dream. So I’m happy in my own small way to give him a space on our stage. In a few days we will publish the concert dates.

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Also Crytical returned to social media afterelimination. The rapper and former student of the most famous school in Italy published a post in which he wanted to thank everyone, from coach Anna Pettinelli to his travel companions to the professionals, who followed and supported him throughout his path to Amici.

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