A breakthrough in Xiaomi smartphones! Soon you will fix the phone yourself

Will smartphones finally cease to be disposable and repairable only under service conditions? Xiaomi wants to fight for this by copying the Apple Self Service Repair pilot program.

The disposability of current smartphones is about to end, as even Apple gives up and launches a pilot program of self-repairs – Self Service Repair will provide access to original parts and tools, thanks to which eager Maniacs will repair their iPhones without going to the repair shop.

It will still not be a trivial task, because you need to have a lot of knowledge and skills to repair phones – however, for many people it will be a real godsend, because so far they had to go to the service with each defect. And they often paid dearly for it.

Xiaomi wants to help repair smartphones on its own

Apple and Xiaomi in one house. Where is Apple, there and Xiaomi – do you already find a connection? Exactly so, the Chinese manufacturer copies the move of the American giant and announces its intention to introduce a similar project. Self-repair of Xiaomi phones will be simplified soon.

Xiaomi did not inform about the details of the program, but it will probably facilitate access to parts, tools and perhaps instructions – Polish ManiaKs will certainly be interested in the Polish availability of the project, but we do not know anything about it yet. The Indian branch has so far shared the work on independent servicing.

Access to mobile parts is something that has been a real struggle recently – difficulties in repairing phones argued with the growing need for ecology and recycling, which is regularly discussed honking Apple. At last, real steps have been taken to take care of the ideas.

Apple: You can fix your iPhone at home from 2022


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