A British custom that unleashes brain joy (and many of us already have it on our nightstands)

this English habits release brain happiness must see your rural areaTheir garden and its orchard. A love of nature is as deeply ingrained in the British DNA as afternoon tea. Love gardening and growing your own garden, walking in the countryside, country style With its own seal, it is also used by big fans yearbook. Maybe this sounds old to you, like a past habit. It does, but it comes back.We invite you to participate See them in a new light because of this An ancient tradition from centuries ago I came to the bookstore.Its new goal is Help us connect with naturetrain our The ability to create miraclesdust us off curiosity.Everyone is a good partner brain youth and happiness.

A British custom that unleashes happiness on your brain

anything that invites us to participate Go into natureexplore it or be surprised by what direct path to happiness However happiness. You can also live a long and healthy life.This is almanac or natural calendar.Previously, it was considered in the popular field string or rope literature Because these publications used to be hung on bookstore windows with threads or ropes. To this day we continue to find rural almanacs of this type filled with valuable information about sky and night guides, weather forecasts, flora and fauna, poems, proverbs, festivals, events and other valuable information. In England, british yearbook First appeared in 1828.In Spain we have Zaragosano Calendar – Firmamentfounded in 1840, is still published today and can be purchased directly on Amazon.

Almanac of Nature: A way to stimulate thinking

“All Year Long: Nature’s Almanac.” Isabel Mijos Martín and Bernardo P. Carvalho. Fulgencio Pimentel Publishing House.

this yearbook They have also been professionalizing and improving their presentations, especially natural almanac.exist book shape They have reached the urban world.Today we can get beautiful version Many people devote themselves to collecting.We can find yearbooks that specialize in animals, plants, passing of seasons, poetry and songs There’s even an agenda-style calendar that includes everything, inviting us to take a break and look at what’s around us.The truth is it’s easier to find them in English, but increasingly we are seeing them arriving in Spain.One of the last published was a whole year.very suitable Peck at natural wisdom,this is a book sometimes read Even better, it’s available year-round.organized as weekly agenda through four seasons its page will show you life cycle They will remind you of the most surprising changes happening around you and make suggestions Activity According to the Spanish natural calendar and Species live in is almanac Suitable for all ages, carefully edited and packed with information.

2 benefits of having a natural almanac nearby

these are The benefits of keeping a nature almanac on your bedside table:

  1. stimulate curiosity And you connect with nature Because it makes you pay attention to the natural phenomena happening around you, which we often overlook in our busy urban lives.follow natural cycles We enjoy it more and we ask ourselves more questions.Intellectual restlessness is one of the keys to a young brain because Nourish our thoughts and happiness.
  2. amazing.This shows Dutcher Keltnerprofessor of psychology at the University of California in his book Awe: The new science of everyday miracles and how they can change your life: Wondering about nature will increase our creativityour focusour Welfare. A miracle is a wonderful mystery. On a physical level, inflammatory answer our immune system Our bodies are also strengthened.

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