A candidate who was forced to give up last year is trying her luck again!

Surprise for TF1 viewers! At the launch of Season 9 this Tuesday, July 4, 2023 the voice kids, One candidate has already been seen in the previous season Going to try my luck again. This is Orienne, now 15 years old and from Casablanca, Morocco. In 2022, during the blind auditions for Season 8, she turned chairs for four coaches, namely Patrick Fiori, Kendji Girac, Luanne and Julian Doré, and chose Join Patrick Fiori’s team. It’s a safe bet because the Corsican singer has been present since season 2 of the program produced by ITV Studios France.

the voice kids : a candidate from Patrick Fiori’s team on the TF1 show last year

Unfortunately, due to a health crisis and the closure of borders, Orion cannot participate in the battle phase and has to leave the adventure. For this season 9, as he told in an interview tele-vacation, it was the production itself that offered him to try his luck again. ,i was afraid of doing worse than the first time While I had already put a lot of pressure on myself. but i started it all over again”, she believes who has settled in Toulouse with her entire family since last week.

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Orion, the genius of Patrick Fiori The Voice Kids 2022 ,another year makes a difference,

And in a year, Orion believes she has matured. ,In this time of life, another year counts for a lot“She sees.”So I became more aware of the style of song I wanted to sing“. For her first blind audition, the trainee singer had chosen to perform license driver, by Olivia Rodrigo. A choice she would not make again today, as she explained to us. ,Eventually, I realized that this was not what I loved the most. Me, I’m more rock blues, soul, jazz… and also musical comedy. Since I was copying and pasting, I couldn’t see how to render rock music on my own. I didn’t know enough about the blues yet.”she tells us.

“As long as I do what I love, I’m better at it” :Orion trying its luck a second time the voice kids on TF1

As for the choice of song that viewers will hear this Tuesday evening on TF1, which is still kept a secret, Orion has no regrets: ,Even if it means talking to fewer people, I told myself: As long as I keep doing what I love, it’s better“. It remains to be seen whether she will be able to persuade Patrick Fiori again and get the four chairs moving again during her performance. the voice kids, As a reminder, only Patrick Fiori and Kendji Girac return this year and welcome new coaches Nolvain Leroy and Slimane.

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