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In the 17 teams that were also competing last year, the new owners are no more than forty. Very few. The real problem was selling: nobody succeeded. And if you don’t sell, you don’t buy, nobody puts real money. Roma was the vanguard of a thought that until yesterday was very modest, to buy for nothing. It was synonymous with little liquidity, that is, inability to manage. There Rome with Dybala, Matic, Wijnaldum (and Belotti is on the way) has transformed what has always seemed like a repainting into architecture.

Listen “Kessie has distorted the whole AC Milan transfer market, he cannot be free again in mid-August.” on Spreaker.

Many things can be said, but also what the Rome she was better than the others. Outside of the zero cost, there were almost only loans. But today there is one more thing: the Barcelona he took Kessie and Christensen at no cost, now he can’t afford to card themthe. Kessie and Christensen would be on the market and there are already indications as to who asks for them. But two registrations in the same market have never been possible. Kessie has passed since Milan to the Barcelona, his transfer affected the entire AC Milan market. TO
two days from the start is it possible to say we joked?

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