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Are you a video gamer? Is it tough for you to hang out in the outside world? You have company in the gamer boys. What do gamer boys do if they want to hang out with each other and discuss about the game? As a gamer, you may want to hang out with other gamers in your gaming group. What do gamers chat about?  Well, it would be the working of the game, some stories to share or even about gaming merchandise. Therefore, you may be on a lookout for themed places that will serve your purpose. You can even contemplate using IMVU 3D chat room to meet other gamer boys. Some other places available to you are:


If you are interested in knowing the facts of the game, you have dedicated gaming museums such as the American Classic Arcade Museum. Places like these are top locations where you can learn more about gaming. In the Arcade Museum, you can even play games apart from looking at the exhibits and other events such as computer chess and the production of software. These events happen on a regular basis.


This is considered as one of the popular places for gamer boys to visit in Japan. Also known as ‘electric town’, this place is better known as a nerd store.

Concentrating mainly on Manga and Anime, this place features many a gaming and electronic shop. While here, you can pursue your interest in retro games that are otherwise hard to find. Apart from this, the place has themed cafes for you to enjoy.

Nintendo World Store

At the Rockefeller Center is the Nintendo World Store. Here you will find a double floor dedicated entirely to Mario & Co. If you think going all the way to Akihabara in Japan is tedious, then this is the place for you.

Valve Headquarters

Perfect place for gamer boy’s group chat, the Valve Headquarters is what the gaming community loves. You can find the greatest video games of all time in this place.


Some hotels in places such as Taiwan are best known as gamer’s paradise. When you meet up with gamers here you can get yourself into their 3D chat rooms. In every room, you have Asus Gaming rigs and gaming equipment along with DXRacer gaming chairs. A great place to spend your holiday if you love gaming.

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