A collection of clothes and gadgets for fans of the series “Friends”

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After 27 years, “Friends” met again. The series cast have teamed up with Represent to design a limited line of clothing and accessories with iconic scenes from the series. They shared the results of their work on Instagram.

Half a year ago, Matthew Perry opened an online store with gadgets decorated with prints referring to the character he played in “Friends”, and the proceeds from their sale were dedicated to a good cause. Now the rest of the Manhattan gang join the series Chandler.

The Cast collection has been divided into three parts which will be successively sold over the next nine months. The debut series is inspired by the first three seasons of “Friends”, and it includes, among others: an alabaster t-shirt with the image of Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) singing the song “Smelly Cat”, a lilac sweatshirt with the famous phrase by Monika (Courtney Cox) “I know” or with a print inspired by the scene of Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Ross (David Schwimmer) first kiss with the slogan “Lobster”, referring to Phoebe’s argument about lobsters that connect for life.

Half of the income from the sale of gadgets will be allocated to help foundations “close to the hearts of stars”. Aniston announced via Instagram that part of it will help the charges of the Americares organization, which provides health and psychological care to people affected by the pandemic. Schwimmer will support The Rape Foundation, helping victims of sexual assault, and Cox, the EBMRF, an organization dedicated to clinical research and awareness-raising about epidermal blistering.

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