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There are games that don’t get old – such as Heroes of Might and Magic III. And there are those that may seem like time gnaws, but still have power and magic to them. Or they bring back nice childhood memories in a second.

Settlers II gog.com

The editors of CD-Action jointly selected their favorite strategy games from the rich catalog of the GOG.com store and they were all placed on a special partner site dedicated to us.

As we co-host the Heroes III World Championship finals, it should come as no surprise that we’re starting with the HoMM series. And we don’t even skip the “four”, because we have fans and this part. Next, the absolute classics of the RTS genre – Warcraft, Settlersi, Fortress.

There is also a place for famous city builders such as Zeus, Pharaoh, Anno 1602, SimCity 3000 and Tropico. We did not miss tactical titles (Commandos, Desperados, Jagged Alliance) or focused on managing large armies (Cossacks, American Conquest) or states (Civilization, Europa Universalis, Victoria).

There is something for lovers of WWII (Panzer General, Close Combat), Medieval (Knights & Merchants) and fantasy (Majesty, Tzar) themes. And Polish production – the famous Earth 2014. At the end, “Mac Abra” made sure that we did not forget about at least one game from the X-COM series!

We wish you pleasant moments with the classics, and on January 14 we invite you to the Grand Final of the Heroes III World Championship.

simcity 3000 gog.com

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