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On the occasion of 25 November, the International Day against Violence against Women, the Chamber of Labor of Savona – Belle Ciao for gender equality, the Spi Savona Women’s Coordination (Italian pensioners union) and the Auser Gender Equality Observatory, will present the spot “Tomorrow”, a short video that places the gaze of others on oneself at the center of the debate.

The video “Domani” by Camilla Floreancig and Rocco Malfanti was produced in Liguria by the SPI CGIL (Italian Pensioners Union) together with the CGIL Confederation.

We need a new approach to relationships whether they be verbal, physical or even just visual. The news continues to be full of episodes of violence against women, of all kinds: physical, verbal, in gestures, on social media up to even murder.

It is necessary to make a cultural revolution that places respect for the person at the center at 360 degrees, the video “Domani” wants to open a discussion, a debate, which involves the whole of society from family environments to, and above all, working environments.

We need to talk to young people to make this revolution because “TOMORROW” will be in their hands, which is why some students from Savona will be present.

The video will be screened on Thursday 24 November in the Sala Rossa of the Municipality of Savona at 9.30 and a debate will follow. The event is public.

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