A complete embarrassment… The singer got “poop” in the middle of a concert!

Even the most glamorous of personalities can sometimes experience mishaps. radio show guest Will and Woody On this Thursday, July 13, 2023 episode of KIIS FM, Joe Jonas shares the most embarrassing moment of his career. A story he had never told anyone before. Four years ago, the former member of the famous American boy band, The Jonas Brothers, relieved himself on stage. Fortunately, a quick change of costume made it possible to see nothing but fire. “With long therapy, I was able to come out of it”Sophie Turner’s partner quipped, before going into details.

“Guess it wasn’t a good day to wear white. You think maybe it’s a little proud, maybe it’s something else, a little extra”, she believed. and continue: “If you go to the archives, the costume changes in between (…) I never told this to anyone”.

The father of two remained surprised throughout the show. Concerned, he was convinced that someone must have noticed what had happened, “But it was all in one mind”, Actually, no one ever came to know about it. “It wasn’t as big as I thought. But life is like that. It’s happened to a lot of actors. I feel like I’ve paid my dues and I feel like I’m part of a secret club now.” Am.”

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Ed Sheeran met the same fate

Joe Jonas is not the only artist who has faced such a situation. In 2015, Ed Sheeran also revealed that he accidentally pooped in his pants while on stage. During an interview with Nova FM, the British singer revealed that he suffers from excessive flatulence. one day, unfortunately he had to “Fart Misunderstood” In full concert. Very funny story!


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