A completely new class may appear in Diablo Immortal

January 11, 2022, 22:45

A new playable class may appear in the Diablo series. According to leaks, it will soon come to Diablo Immortal.

A few days ago, the closed beta of the mobile ended Diablo Immortal. In November last year, the Wowhead website developed a theory that a completely new playable class would be introduced in this title ?? Blood Knight. It is interesting because we have never had the chance to manage such a character in the series.

For several months of in-depth file searches Diablo Immortal it was possible to discover, among others the male model of the Blood Knight (and the assumptions about the female one), his sword and the crest. Wowhead reported yesterday that in the Chinese game client found also descriptions of twelve spellsthat suggest a potential implementation of the Blood Knight.

?? Squadron of Bats [z ang. Bat Troop – dop. aut.] ?? The Bloody Knight summons a flock of bats in a given location for X seconds. While the spell is active, you can control the summoned cluster. Will it automatically find nearby enemies within its range and deal X damage every X seconds ?? ?? description of one of the spells found.

A completely new class may appear in Diablo Immortal - Illustration # 1

Male Blood Knight model found in game files.

In first Diablo we can meet two Blood Knights: Sir Gorash and Lachdanan. They both served in King Leoric’s guard? who we know as the Skeleton King, one of the bosses in Diablo III ?? before he goes mad. Such an ancient formation, sworn to defend Tristram at all costs, would definitely fit the climate Diablo Immortal.

?? Bloody Demon ?? get Bad Blood when you kill your opponent. After collecting enough of it, you can cast a spell and transform into a Blood Demon for X seconds ?? ?? description of the special form of the Blood Knight, found in the files Diablo Immortal.

Additionally the uncovered emblem resembles the Countess’s crown ?? one of the most recognizable characters in the universe (killing her is the goal of the Forgotten Tower Diablo II mission). During her lifetime she performed many inhuman deeds ?? it is even said that she took a bath in the blood of virgins ?? behind?? In Immortal she was resurrected. Ultimately getting rid of it would be an ideal task for whom? with blood magic, such as the Blood Knight.

A completely new class may appear in Diablo Immortal - Illustration # 2

Countess in a crown and the emblem found in the files.

If the above evidence turns out to be true, the Blood Knight will join the other classes available in Diablo Immortal: Barbarians, Monk, Demon Hunter, Necromancer, Wizard, and Crusader. Thus, it would become the first playable class in Diablo Immortalwhich has not appeared in any previous version of the series. Is it true, we’ll find out soon, because the game is to appear on smartphone screens? with both Android and iOS ?? in the first half of this year.

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