A complicated QUIZ on general knowledge. One third of the points is a great success!

Answer 10 different questions from several different fields and see if you can score the full set of points!

Your score:

2/10 In the band of Professor from the cult Netflix series “House of Paper” we will not meet:





3/10 Which of these days did Caravaggio not paint?

“Playing the Lute”

“Court Maids”

“David and Goliath”

“Supper at Emmaus”

4/10 Before he became the president of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski was in the years 2013-2014:

minister of foreign affairs

minister for European affairs

minister of the interior

minister of administration and digitization

5/10 Joanna Przetakiewicz for many years was the partner of one of the richest Poles. It is about:

Zygmunt Solorz-Żak

Jerzy Starak

Michał Sołowow

Jan Kulczyk

6/10 How many Olympic medals does Justyna Kowalczyk have?

four gold and one silver

two gold and four brown

two gold, one silver and two bronze

three gold, one silver and three bronze

7/10 Ceviche is:

a French variety of white grape that is used to make wines

French vanilla dessert with a caramel crust on top

Italian pasta in the shape of long ribbons

type of salad, the main ingredient of which is raw fish marinated in citrus juice

8/10 Janina Ochojska is the head of the Polish Humanitarian Organization, and an MEP. In the elections to the EP, she ran from the lists:

Civic Coalition


Law and Justice

Polish People’s Party

9/10 We will not hear music by Krzesimir Dębski in the film:


“Love and do what you want”


“In the desert and in the wilderness”

10/10 Which of these programs was never run by Dorota Wellman?

“City of Women” on TVN Style

“Good morning TVN”

“Coffee or tea” on TVP1

“Question for breakfast” on TVP2

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