A decision had been made. Biden will fight for re-election

Joe Biden is the oldest US president to take office. From the beginning of his term of office, the topic of his health has been constantly raised. In 2019, the presidential physician issued a medical report describing him as “healthy, vigorous” and “capable of effectively performing the duties of president.”

Biden’s re-election

Despite his age and the debatable state of health, the incumbent president intends to run for re-election. The spokesman for the White House, Jan Psaki, was the first to inform about Biden’s decision.

– Yes. That’s his intention, she said on the Air Force One plane during Biden’s trip to the Thanksgiving holiday in North Carolina.

On Friday, the president’s doctor ruled that Biden was fit and able to perform his duties. In a statement posted on the White House website, he indicated that the president still suffered from previously diagnosed cardiac arrhythmias and difficulties in walking.

Temporary handover of power

Biden had to go to research last week, so Vice President Kamala Harris was temporarily given full power in the country. Harris, who was elected US vice president last year, became the first woman in history to briefly receive presidential powers.

“The vice president will be working from his office in the West Wing during this time,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement, adding that an interim delegation under such circumstances was not unprecedented and that it was part of a process set out in the US constitution.

Joe Biden’s current health check will be the first to be submitted to the U.S. President since taking office in January 2021, and will take place just before his 79th birthday.

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