A decision that pleases Hiba Abouk

Hiba Abouk’s ex-husband Achraf Hakimi may have just avoided falling into the trap of ostentatious luxury by declining an invitation to an evening hosted by billionaire Michael Rubin.

A real display of wealth that could have exposed the fact that the Moroccan defender does not have such a significant inheritance as he claimed in his divorce file.

According to reports, his salary is going to his mother, which is opposite to the image he is trying to project.

And that must have pleased Hiba Abouk, with whom he longed to be reunited. They now follow each other on social networks, and the Spanish hottie no longer hesitates to like messages from the father of her children.

The backstage of this extravagant evening was revealed by the magazine Closer, which is interested in “the stars in all their glittering glory”. Guests in attendance turned up the heat on July 4th by showcasing their most luxurious and impressive timepieces during the all-white evening at the prestigious Hamptons. A watch expert has identified at least 17 models, all of which are of immense value!

watches worth 11 million euros

At the extravagant evening, the most expensive watch was worn by Jay-Z, who featured a yellow gold vintage Patek Philippe worth 7 million euros, according to influencer Chad Alexander. Meanwhile, Tom Brady wore a white gold model of the same make, the Nautilus, which costs €88,000. Rappers Travis Scott and French Montana were proud to show off their Richard Mille, which are estimated to be worth €773,000 and €455,000 respectively. Meanwhile, Kylian Mbappe opted for the Spirit of Big Bang from Hublot (one of its partner brands) worth €59,000. It seems that owning a timepiece as expensive as a limo before your 50th birthday is one of the keys to success in the world of stars.

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