A decisive reaction to the words of Paweł Fajdek. “You are wrong. It’s no shame”

– Shame. No greetings – this is how Pawe³ Fajdek summed up the results of the “Przegląd Sportowy” plebiscite for the best Polish athlete in 2021 on Twitter. The tweet, followed by a longer statement, caused a storm in the sports community and among the fans.

– I think Paweł is wrong. As he was in the top 10 of the poll, he was never shocked by the results. Now he is gone and I have the feeling that the indignation is greater. When I wasn’t in the “10”, I was trying to break through my sports discipline, do something above sports results – Agnieszka Kobus-Zawojska, a silver medalist from Tokyo in the rowing “four” says in an interview with Sport.pl.

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“Djokoviæ is the greatest athlete in our country. We are all on his side.”

Lewandowski or W³odarczyk?

Fajdek argued that Anita W³odarczyk, and not Robert Lewandowski, should be chosen the Sportsman of the Year 2021. Our interviewee agreed with Fajdek that it was a “popularity poll”. – But I honestly believe that Robert Lewandowski is the best. Let’s face it: how many people train football in the world, from which mass Robert has excelled. When I go on vacation to Georgia or Mexico, I say that I am from Poland, the first people to answer are: “Lewandowski”. I believe that Robert promotes our homeland very well. It is a global brand and that is why it was awarded, and not because of the lack of a Golden Ball, explains Kobus-Zawojska.

– You want to sweeten Robert’s lack of a golden ball, then introduce the categories of golden ball, global athlete… Comparing the golden ball, with all due respect, to the competition for the athlete of the year in Poland is like comparing winning a tennis slam with a challenger in Poznań! – Fajdek wrote in the testimony, claiming that Lewandowski should not be even in the top 10.

The Olympic runner-up does not agree with Paweł Fajdek

– I have a slightly different approach than Paul. I believe that an athlete today is primarily a brand. Twenty years ago, we could have argued about one or the other results of the plebiscite. At this point, sport means more than just kicking a ball, rowing or hammering, points out the Tokyo silver medalist.

Our interlocutor emphasizes that everyone has the right to their own assessment, Fajdek also. “But I don’t like the word ‘shame’ used by Paul. He used the wrong word. It’s hard to talk about ‘shame’, it’s a bad word,” he explains.

Controversy around the Zmarzlik

Fajdek also critically assessed the high third place of Bartosz Zmarzlik, a juggler. – In this year’s edition, the most incomprehensible is Bartek’s 3rd place, who should have a problem with qualifying for the 20th with the title of vice world champion! [20 sportowców nominuje kapitu³a plebiscytu i to z grona nominowanych najlepsz± 10 wybieraj± kibice]. Since he had to recognize the superiority of another competitor in the previous year, I think he should understand it, let’s look at the places of Bartek and Piotrek lived, after all, jumping is our national sport and I bet that on a global scale more countries eat he cultivates rather than slag “- explained the athlete.

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– I am not interested in the slag, but I know that slaggingers are such a stubborn community, very solidarity. And that is why Bartosz Zmarzlik was third. Each of us represents Poland and it is no shame, says Kobus-Zawojska. And he adds: Perhaps Paweł spoke like this under the influence of emotions and we should forgive him. Emotions can affect us like that. More than once I was furious when my name was missing in the “10” plebiscite, but I tried to look at other pages of this competition.

The result in the plebiscite is comparable to a medal

In this year’s “PS” plebiscite, the silver double-four women rowing team composed of Agnieszka Kobus-Zawojska, Marta Wieliczko, Maria Sajdak and Katarzyna Zillmann took eighth place.

Novak Djokoviæ“Djokoviæ is the greatest athlete in our country. We are all on his side.”

– I am very happy with this result. It was the fifth nomination of the four rowers and also my fifth nomination, because each time I was part of the team. I remember how in 2018 we won the world championship and the European championship, and we didn’t even make it to the top 10, I was wondering: “What can I do more?” – admits Kobus-Zawojska.

– I decided that I will not get more out of sports competitions and I just have to get in better contact with the fans. That is why I am so happy about our place in this year’s poll, because it means that rowing is slowly getting to the minds of the fans – he says.

The Olympic runner-up revealed that when the organizers of this year’s Gala of Sports Champions informed them that they would be in the top 10, she was ready to go on stage. – I thought we would be exactly 10th. And here was an even better result – eighth place. For me personally, it is a distinction comparable to the medal from Tokyo, because it ends so much awaited and from the fans.

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