a discreet arrangement to protect their daughter

Despite his divorce from Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel has maintained very good contact with her, for the sake of their two daughters. But this is unlikely to be the case with his current wife, Tina Kunakey, with whom relations have not been calmed. An arrangement could be made to protect their daughter!

Vincent Cassel remains close to his daughters despite the divorce from Monica Bellucci, but tensions with Tina Kunakey?

According to Public magazine, the actor maintains a close relationship with his daughters Deva and Léonie, from his previous marriage to the Italian bombshell, despite their separation. However, relations with his current wife, Tina Kunakey, seem less harmonious. During the summer vacation, the hero of The Three Musketeers spent a few days with his daughters aged 19 and 13 respectively. However, these young women have busy lives, especially Deva, who has already launched a modeling career and joined her boyfriend in New York.

At their age, they aspire to their independence and no longer remain constantly at their father’s side, recalls the publication. Despite this, they remained close to him, continuing to see him regularly despite their parents’ separation.

The question arises, however, whether the youngest of the family, Amazonie, will be able to maintain these close ties, being still too young to travel alone between Rio and Paris. For the moment, it seems that the vast gardens of Bidart, the actor’s second home, remain devoid of the presence of children.

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