A famous American actor will release an autobiography

Famous actor, rapper and film producer Will Smith will release his autobiography. We got to know the title and the release date.

There was music before the movie

Who knows how an acting career would develop Will Smithif not for his… debts. We know the actor today mainly from films such as Men in Black if Bad BoysHowever, the beginning of his artistic path is hip-hop. Smith he started out as a duo rapper DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince with your friend Jeff Townes. It was not a one-time adventure, and the gentlemen made quite a career, as evidenced by five studio albums and two awards Grammy. When Smith He was struggling with financial problems, a helping hand came from the station NBC and the series Bajer from Bel-Air. The sitcom was built on the rapper and turned out to be a huge success and a springboard Smith for an acting career, which has decided to become the greatest movie star in the world.

Will Smith announces the release of his autobiography.  The book is ready
still from the series Bajer with Bel-Air

Will Smith publishes an autobiography

The last decade has not been for Smith too successful. Although he has starred in movies like Hidden beauty, if Focus, closed the trilogies Bad Boys and Men in Blackso his filmography has grown to include rather mediocre or simply poor films. There were also personal problems. The accumulation of these experiences made the actor talk openly about his problems, and this was the starting point for the publication of his autobiography. The book bearing the title WILL is meant to honestly portray the actor’s entire life, from growing up in Philadelphia to success Bajeru with Bel-Air, to the latest productions with his participation. It was created in cooperation with Mark Manson, the author of the book I’m subtly saying F * ck! A counter-logical method for a happy life. Autobiography Will Smith will be released on November 9.

It is easy to maneuver in the material world once your own mind has conquered. I believe it. Once you get to know every inch of your mind, every experience, emotion, premise, both negative and positive, it just pushes you further into something bigger. This is a real will. To move forward, no matter what, and to do it in such a way as to take others with you, not leave them behind.

– says the author about the book

WILL tells the story of a man who has mastered his emotions and presents it in such a way as to also help others, struggling with various problems.

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