A famous singer is there to welcome Messi!

The singer arrived in Miami on Friday with his family and manager Marcelo Gonzalez. On arrival at the airport, teleshow cameras approached him and he did not need to be asked anything. “I’m here to play, I’m here to play”the Buenos Aires native joked, gesturing with his body as if dominating the ball.

Pintos will remain at his agent’s apartment while the final details of his performance are worked out. One hypothesis is that he would be in charge of the song “Himno Nacional”, a song he recorded to appear on his album Alta en el cielo.

As per his itinerary, he will stay till July 22 To attend the final start of La Pulga Which could be against Cruz Azul in the League Cup on the 21st at the DRV PNK Stadium.

Messi, a native of Bahía Blanca, is an old acquaintance of the Rocujos, who was present at the couple’s wedding party in 2017. He suddenly appeared and sang Sin Principio ni final, one of Messi’s favorite songs. Antonella. In 2021, he talked about this story and explained why he did it.

“I agreed to go because I was told that Antonella in particular had a great affinity with my song and would go with her at different times. It was exciting and very enjoyable.”

Description Pintos.

Where to watch the Lionel Messi performance?

Everything is almost ready for the presentation of Rosario’s star as Inter Miami’s new player. Major League Soccer’s most important signing will be greeted by a huge crowd to a sold-out stadium.

single platform for organizing Apple TV is the brand in charge of broadcasting the league. subscription to buy The cost of the streaming service is $6.99, But they have the option of purchasing an MLS season pass at a reduced price.

If you have an account, you’ll need to pay $12.99 for the pack. If you don’t want to subscribe, the cost is $14.99. It is important to remember that these prices are monthly fees. The full season has increased from 99 and 79 USD to 39 and 49 USD. The lowest prices are for those who subscribe to the service.

Despite this, Mexico City would benefit from exclusive broadcasts on TUDN and Univision, the television channels that have the rights to broadcast league matches.

what is the event?

DRV PNK Stadium gates will open at 5:00 PM local time. The program will start at 8:00 pm for supporters to travel early and avoid delays.

Some media is speculating about appearances from artists such as Maluma, Shakira, Bad Bunny and even Bizarrap, but it appears that is not the case. According to journalist Gaston Edul, an expert on the Argentina national team, the artists who will perform will be Ozuna, Camilo, Tiago PZK and Paulo Londra from Cordoba. The club will confirm the latest details on its social media.

This presentation will not only be of Lionel Messi, as Sergio Busquets should also be welcomed as the club’s new signing.

The organization is expecting this to be a big celebration for one of its main reinforcements in this market. The club needs to recover from the hopeless situation it finds itself in. With 13 games left in the league, they are still in 15th place in the Eastern Conference with 18 points, 11 points out of last place in the playoffs.

Everything you need to know about Inter Miami:

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