A fan of the singer, a journalist, adopts the following: sheep, pets, and gives you the name of the Video: ‘It’s super-electricity, as the songs on her’ | the Valleys, in Minas Gerais state


There is a novelty to some in the fact that it can create a pet in the house. It is becoming more and more common in cats, puppies, and other pets become companions, home of the human race. But that’s a different story drew attention, in the city of Governador Valadares, in the Eastern part of the state.

Angelica Lauriano love dogs, but in the last couple of months adopted in the World. Easy! It is not the famous singer-songwriter from colombia, and had great hits such as ‘I am Here’, ‘Waka Waka’ and ‘Hips Don’t Lie’. She is a sheep, pretinha, and a very charming one who captured the heart of the crisis. “My sheep is very electric as the music of it. Climbs on everything, and if you leave make-up on the table, go in there and get to show off what she has done, she tries to repeat everything that I do.”

The one She doesn’t sing like a famous singer from the colombian, but it’s not for lack of encouragement from the Angel.

“I’ve tried to teach her to sing ‘Waka Waka’, the song that I like her, but she still hasn’t learned. I must confess, that, if she can sing, I’m going to run out,” he said.

The Colombian arrived at the home of a family of Lauriano for a couple of months, after what they have done to the State. Here, the child of an Angel, Douan Lauriano, a 15-year-old had contact with a sheep farmer, ” said the mother, like an animal, and that he had an interest in a home. As a result, the boy walked out of there with a little lamb in a gift for the the mother.

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“At first I was scared, but after that it was love at first sight.Treat her like a daughter, and my husband is the father of my children, are brothers and sisters, and my mother-in-law, and my mother treats her like her granddaughter. The difference is that it has four legs,” said Angie.

According to her, She already got the spirit of a family taken in by them. “When I’m not around her, instead of yelling, she yells, ‘mom’. I come in from work and it’s already on the porch waiting for me; and when I see you, it starts to scream ‘mama'”.

The veterinary medicine Patricia Zanini, a professional who takes care of the little lamb, he explains that while it may not be a common thing, and the sheep are animals. “The tame animal is an animal that we can build close to the people. The one that has a representation in human evolution. The earliest account of the domestication of this animal is 10 thousand years before Christ, and that it was for the man’s economic power, the subsistence consumption of meat and milk, and even with the protection from the cold, and with the use of the wool,” he said.

Angel’s mind that She is in with her for a short time, but already it’s the darling of the house. “We brought it in the car for Dead. I have carried her in his arms, a baby for more than six hours. When we arrived, it didn’t take so little to adapt to it, because I was only 15 days old. Now he sleeps with me in bed and it’s super charming, I need to cuddle up to her to get to sleep,” he said.

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She calls for the focus on the rides and was even mistaken for a dog. — Photo: photo: photo: Photo: Playback/ Inter TV. She calls for the focus on the rides and was even mistaken for a dog. — Photo: photo: photo: Photo: Playback/ Inter TV.

She calls for the focus on the rides and was even mistaken for a dog. — Photo: photo: photo: Photo: Playback/ Inter TV.

In addition to the sheep, and for the family, it creates the eight dogs that co-exist well with the World. According to Angel, the one’s picked up some habits from the dog.

“She is a very playful, walks in a leash. I have heard from people on the street to tell me that you’ve never seen a dog with legs as long. She loves to play and run and is always near me,” he said.

The vet explained that there are a few precautions that She live in the house. “It’s not common to create a sheep in the house, but that if special care is respected, everything is fine. How they have four stomachs, and animal is a ruminant, it can’t be fed like a dog, because the digestive is so different. She would have to eat grass, can’t eat, feed to excess, or carbohydrates. In addition to this, you need to of the vaccine that are specific to the care of the animal, and the one who has to live with it.”

And that’s not all the time, sleeping in the little lamb that is spoiled by the owner. She uses a piece of clothing, disposable diapers, when you are inside the house or out and about, take a bottle and there’s even a brand of milk that you prefer. “When you have the fraldinha is full, it takes off and shows me. When you go out into the yard, she takes off her diaper, because she knows that there could be at ease. It’s amazing how much she is aware of things,” says Angel.

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That’s the power of it is natural for us, every day, in the morning, a family member, search for grasses, fresh, in a plot became vacant next to the house where they were living, and also to buy it on the dry grass, to switch out for a meal.

The most important factor in the creation of a Video that already exists, which is love. “She is caring, and it is item face to me…. It’s very kind,” said the lady.

The vet says that this affection is living in the home, it is possible to. “The relationship between a man and a sheep it is a lot of affection for, and trust in, turns out becoming a member of the family,” he says.

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