“A few years of excess”: Bradley Cooper cash on his addictions

In the show Running Wild With Bear Grylls: The Challenge, Bradley Cooper has made important confidences in the adventurer Bear Grylls. The actor returned to his youth and the addictions to alcohol he had to face. A fight fought before achieving success.

He is as handsome as he is a good actor. For two decades, Bradley Cooper has managed to register among the best in Hollywood. In addition to excelling in front of the camera, the actor is just as good behind it. He tried his hand at directing and it was a huge success. In 2018, he was producing A Star is Born. In this feature film, the divine singer Lady Gaga was revealed. The collaboration between the two celebrities worked divinely well since the film was nominated in at least eight Oscar categories, including Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Actor. In addition to his success story, in his personal life, Bradley Cooper is the proud father of a little Léa de Seine, the fruit of his love with the model Irina Shayk. The couple sadly separated in 2019.

In the shadow of addiction

Yet her life wasn’t all gold and glitter. In the film industry, the actor was confronted with remarks from the director, to say the least derogatory. In the podcast SmartLess, created by actors Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes, he confided in a gala evening, where he was accompanied by a famous actress. A director then said to him: “What world do we live in, where you have seven Oscar nominations and she only has three?”launched the director. “I was like, ‘I hate this f****** middle. I thought, ‘Dude, why are you such a f******? Fuck you.“, explained the actor in the podcast.

More recently, Bradley Cooper spoke about a dark part of his life. He returned to his addictions during his youth. Guest on the show Running Wild With Bear Grylls: The Challengehe spoke about his relationship with alcohol. “I didn’t lose myself with fame. But I definitely had a few years of alcohol and drug excess”, he confided. These addictions had no “nothing to do with fame”. At age 29 he decided to call it quits and he’s been sober for 19 years now. A man “lucky”he said.

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