a fire breaks out in the building

A six-year-old resident of Buchs, Switzerland, started a fire in the apartment building where he lived. How? Burning some bear-shaped gummy candies, then throwing them around. Local police spoke of damages of thousands of Swiss francs.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Is it possible that a child of just six, “armed” only with candies and a lighter, could risk setting fire to an entire building? The answer is yes: it happened last October 22 in the Swiss town of Buchs, in the Canton of St. Gallen, on the border with Liechtenstein. The cantonal police gave the news through a press release posted on their website.

The incident took place around 15.00 on Saturday, when Maximilian (obviously a fictional name) began a game as bizarre as it was dangerous, which almost ended in tragedy: the child began to burn some jelly candies, the classics “gummy bears”, And then throw them around.

According to the reconstruction of the local authorities, after burning a candy Massimiliano decided to throw it off the balcony of his house, as if it were an incendiary bullet, and then repeat the operation other times. The game went on like this for a while, until one of the burning bears accidentally hit a sunshade that caught fire.

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It is not clear whether the tent in question was part of the same apartment in which the little one lived or that of a neighbor. The fact is that following the collision between the burning gelatin and the cloth a fire broke out in a few moments: the flames spread quickly to other objects located in the immediate vicinity.

To extinguish the fire it was necessary the intervention of the Buchs fire brigade. These have put out the flames without too much difficulty, restoring calm among the residents of the condominium.

There are no reports of people injured as a result of the incident. However, the local authorities themselves said that the fire caused “damage worth thousands of Swiss francs”.

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