a first teaser finally emerges for the new DC film

The King of Atlantis emerges from the turbulent waters of the DC Universe to offer us a short preview of the next feature film and give us a release date.

With the spotlight focused on a future universe revised and corrected by James Gunn on one side and the repeated failures of the latest superhero productions for Warner at the cinema on the other, the seas appear rough for the DC film universe. The recent shipwrecks of The Flash Or Shazam attest to this.

Nothing to disturb Jason Momoa (Game Of Thrones, Dune, Fast & Furious), whose return as the king of Atlantis seems to delight him. The actor was in fact at the origin of the project, explaining it directly to the president of the studios to convince him. Arguments which undoubtedly carried less weight than the astonishing success of the first Aquaman at the box office, exceeding $1 billion. A miraculous catch.

Apnea under Covid

Since the start of the project, little information has filtered out on the new underwater adventures of Aquaman, which has experienced numerous delays linked to the Covid pandemic. The first teaser already sets the date for a full trailer in four days, and seems to take up one of the qualities of the first part, with successful special effects.

Long seen as potentially kitsch in a possible film, Aquaman had indeed overcome the obstacle with force. Its sequel should do the same, without forgetting to enrich the adventure with even stronger issues for Momoa’s much-loved character.

In troubled waters

An unprecedented threat weighs on Atlantis and, to thwart it, Aquaman will have to ally himself with one of his long-time rivals, King Orm (Patrick Wilson). Other members of the original cast include Willem Dafoe and Nicole Kidman, but especially Amber Heard. Following her long legal disputes with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, there was long talk that she would be fired. Ultimately it won’t be the case.

The future ofAquaman, he is more worrying, James Gunn does not seem to have plans built around the underwater kingdom in his future DCU. The performance of Lost Kingdom in theaters, from December 20, will be the only ones who can save him from a sad predicted drowning.

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