A former CIA officer worked for Qatar. He spied on FIFA officials before selecting the host of the World Cup

Qatar hired a former CIA officer to obtain and retain the right to host the 2022 World Cup, the Associated Press said.

Qatar was declared the host of the 2010 World Cup. Very soon, accusations appeared that the favor of the members of the FIFA Executive Committee, who chose the organizer, was gained thanks to bribes. Later, further controversy related to the World Cup emerged, including human rights violations and thousands of victims at stadium construction sites.

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The investigation by “AP” shows that Qatar has gone really far in the fight for the World Cup. To this end, he hired former CIA officer Kevin Chalker. Among his tasks were, among others spying on members of the organizing committees of other candidates to host the World Cup and key FIFA activists. The aim was to facilitate corruption.

Chalker also cooperated with a detective company from London, which was to discredit the US candidacy in the fight for the World Cup. In 2010, she placed a fake photojournalist with a FIFA delegation that visited facilities in the country. In this way, an attempt was made to obtain unofficial information. The personal needs of the activists were also attacked – for example by contacting them from a fake profile of an attractive woman on Facebook.

The American also gained access to the financial records of leading FIFA activists – Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer, which helped determine the amount of bribes. The second of them pleaded guilty to corruption in 2017. The American prosecutor’s office also made clear about this practice.

The activity of the American did not end in 2010. The company he runs in the year reported a successful penetration of FIFA activists reluctant to Qatar. The Meriless project lasted for nine years. The cost of its operation consumed at least 387 million dollars.

He also worked on the organization of the championship itself. According to the PA, he promised Qatar that he would help him “maintain dominance” over the multitude of hired workers brought in to build the stadiums. This is confirmed by an internal document of one of his companies.

AP says it has evidence. This includes conversations with the American’s former colleagues, contracts, invoices or e-mails. Chalker says the papers are false. However, he did not provide any confirmation.

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