A former “Star Academy” candidate today denounces Madonna’s behavior on set!

In 2021, TF1 celebrated 20 years of the Star Academy with special bonuses highlighting the talents who thrilled viewers. Faced with the success of these evenings, the channel has decided to relaunch its telecrochet in October 2022. At the end of the Rugby World Cup, a new edition will also be offered. Thus, the public will follow the adventures of the academicians who will try to succeed Anisha.

Madonna too cold?

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The Star Academy, it’s not just Jenifer or even Nolwenn Leroy, George-Alain or even Emma Daumas. During the weekly bonuses, fans were able to witness great performances between students and French-speaking and international stars.

If this left room for unforgettable memories, some duets did not go as planned. This is what Maud Verdeyen revealed during her appearance in After Glory, the new life of the stars of telecrochet shows, broadcast on TFX this Friday, September 15. The latter pointed out the attitude of a great superstar who is none other than Madonna. “It was very complicated. In the dressing rooms, we couldn’t meet her, we couldn’t look at her.”regretted the former candidate of thea Star Academy 5.

Mariah Carey more likeable?

But Maud Verdeyen did not stop there. According to her, the pop star was not really kind to them, especially for their collaboration. Indeed, the academic expected to receive advice from him. “I find it a bit of a shame because she’s a huge star and she had things to teach us. But there she was, she didn’t want to have contact with us, she didn’t want to sing with us.”

For example, another great diva supported them and left him with a more beautiful memory. Maud Verdeyen continues: “There was still Mariah Carey with us, who was our godmother and who, even if she is certainly a diva, is more accessible”. Not sure she will return to the set this year, then.

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