A former Warrior cash on Jordan Poole: “Every time he sees a pretty girl, he will…

Warriors fans will be watching Jordan Poole’s performance next year to see if the front office has made a mistake. A Warrior is rather confident on the subject, since he announces heavy in Washington for a very precise reason.

Considered a big talent at the Warriors, Jordan Poole was nevertheless sent to the Wizards in the offseason, in exchange for Chris Paul. The new GM does not hide it since this movement: he believes that the contribution of the veteran will increase the chances of winning the title. A small tackle for Poole, who was not always flawless during his years in San Francisco. Nothing surprising however for a young player.

The strange rumor about Jordan Poole’s performance

The Dubs may end up regretting this choice, especially since Poole seems very motivated to shine. Andre Iguodala is quite confident on the subject, he who recently retired. The Warrior nevertheless remains close to the organization, and he announces a great season for his former teammate. The reason that could motivate it? The pretty girls in the stands.

Andre Iguodala on Jordan Poole in DC: “He will average 30 points at home. And it’s Chocolate City, so you know who’s going to be in the stands… Every time he sees a pretty girl, he’s going for the 40 points. »

Poole carries with him a rather strange rumor that he performs even better when stars are usually in the stands. For example, we had the example with the actress Zendaya last season at Golden State. We don’t know if this rumor is true, but we have to believe that Internet users agree.

I really think Jordan Poole will be All-Star this season. It will be his first career season where he will be the number 1 option.

He will go get the 50!

We do not know a female presence will allow Jordan Poole to improve his performance, but Wizards supporters are confident in any case. The former Warrior will be on a mission in Washington, with the firm intention of infuriating his former team. You shouldn’t miss that.

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