a friend confesses to raping and killing her

Justine Vayrac, 20 years old French and mother of a 2 and a half year old boy, was found dead 4 days after her disappearance. A friend of hers confessed to raping and killing her, then indicated to law enforcement where her body was.

Image from Facebook.

Image from Facebook.

After Lola Doviet, the 12-year-old raped and tortured in Paris, another crime story upsets the France. Four days after his disappearance, Justine Vayrac, a 20-year-old girl who hadn’t been heard of since the weekend a Brivetoday she was found dead.

A suspect, who was among the victim’s “acquaintances”, a farmer of the same age, confessed to having it raped and then killed at the exit from the disco. It was precisely the suspect that indicated the place where he had left the young woman’s body, mother of a two and a half year old child and nursing student, after confessing.

Since Monday, 80 policemen and gendarmes have searched the area of Beynata place about twenty kilometers from Brive, where the suspect had left traces of blood in his room and in his car.

Ilaria Maiorano, massacred at home. Autopsy: “she tried to defend herself, she didn’t fall down the stairs”

The killer is known to be part of the soccer team local of Beynat, a village of 1,300 inhabitants, where on Sunday he showed up at the playing field shortly after killing Justine.

The girl had disappeared around 4 in the morning after spending the evening with friends in the local nightclub, “La Charrette”. According to what has been reconstructed so far, Justine got sick in the club after drinking too much alcohol and she said she wanted to get some sleep in her car. A friend accompanied her but then left her with a man she “knew”.

An hour later, not seeing her in the car anymore, the friends called the person to whom they had entrusted her, but he replied that “Justine was feeling better” and he was gone. However, the girl did not give any more news, her mother went to the police station and it started searches.

Today the turning point, with the murderer’s confession, that he was the very man Justine had been entrusted to by her friends. The girl was separated from the child’s father, who lives in Toulouse, but with whom she had good relations.

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