a furious trailer for the return of Michael Mann

Expected as the messiah of car movies by moviegoers of all stripes, the Ferrari by Michael Mann with Adam Driver has finally revealed itself.

It has been eight years since the great Michael Mann released a feature film in our theaters. Of course, the director of Collateral, The Last of the Mohicans, Ali or miami viceremained humble after the unjust failure of hacker, has not been idle either. In addition to his position as producer on Le Mans 66 by James Mangold, he directed the first episode of the series tokyo vice and even endowed his masterpiece Heat of a sequel in the form of a novel, published in 2022 in France (in partnership with Ecran Large, oh yeah).

However, his Ferrari is by far his most anticipated project, not only because it sports an enticing cast (Adam Driver in the title role, Penelope Cruz or even Shailene Woodley), but also because it is a long-standing project . Adapted from the book Enzo Ferrari – The Man and the Machine by Brock Yates, the film should relate the summer month of 1957 of the pilot and car manufacturer Enzo Ferrari, one of the hardest periods of his life. The day before its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, a teaser was revealed by US distributor NEON.

Iron Mann

These first images promise some great racing scenes, a performance cut for Adam Driver’s Oscars and above all intense family drama. Of course, these few shots punctuated by the roar of the engines do not yet really reflect the approach chosen by the filmmaker, who is not likely to fall into the cushy biographical exercise. We can barely appreciate Erik Messerschmidt’s photography, having already illuminated the superb mank by David Fincher (for which he won an Oscar) and also the promising The Killer.

Ferrari: photo, Adam Driver*refrains from making a pun on his last name*

Unfortunately, as The Killer precisely (which has also just started its promotion), Ferrari will probably not be released in theaters in France. Indeed, it is Amazon who will distribute it in our regions. Although it is announced for Christmas in the United States, the exact date has yet to be confirmed by us. It only remains to wait for the first opinions of the lucky ones in the process of basking their retinas at the Venice Film Festival.

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