A gigantic data leak from the military. Over 1.7 million items on the Internet

  • The leak was most likely from the Logistics Planning Headquarters at the Armed Forces Support Inspectorate in Bydgoszcz
  • Information found on the web includes armament of the Polish army, ammunition, spare parts for combat machines and specialized software
  • The equipment disclosed also includes the one purchased by the Polish army in the USA, Germany and Israel
  • These are strategic data that, for example, Russia’s intelligence is seeking, says General Piotr Pytel, former head of the Military Counterintelligence Service. In his opinion, such information is worth a lot of money
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Data on the material resources of the Polish army appeared on the web on Sunday, January 9, according to Onet’s sources. The military was to find out about it a day later. According to our sources, the leak was traced by the military National Cyberspace Security Centerwhich the military services informed about him.

The data disclosed in the military network amount to 1 million 757 thousand. 390 entries. To show the scale of the leak, it is enough to say that the firearms up to 30 mm caliber, their parts and instrumentation alone amount to 2,000. 800 items. Each item, i.e. a record, is the reported demand of each unit for equipment – from the entire F-16, through heavy weapons, their parts, ammunition for them, spare parts, uniforms, underwear, blankets and computer equipment, and even banners and diplomas. From the more than 1.7 million disclosed records, a detailed state of possession of the entire Polish army, as well as its equipment shortages, emerges. From the census it is possible to determine, for example, which equipment is not operational or what the Polish army is missing.

Currently, the services are checking how this data found its way to the Internet. Our informant claims that most likely one of the IT specialists from the Armed Forces Support Inspectorate in Bydgoszcz – the institution responsible for purchasing for the army and storing equipment and spare parts – created a proprietary program to which he copied data from classified military systems.

These are data from the Uniform Material Index combined with selected databases from the Integrated Multilevel IT System of the Ministry of National Defense ZWSI RON.

These bases have everything from underpants to planes and tanks

– These systems are a source of information on equipment, weapons, structure, types of ammunition, spare parts, etc. If someone has access to them, he knows everything about the condition of our armed forces. Therefore, this data should never be gathered in one place. I am terrified that someone grouped them in such a way, and even more so that they found their way to the network – says a high-ranking officer, asking for anonymity.

Our other interlocutor, who also does not want to speak under his name, adds: – The Support Inspectorate has been stripped. These bases have everything from underpants to planes and tanks.

Indeed, the bases that hit the network contain all the material resources that the Polish army has, broken down into organizational units. According to our informants, the bases reflect the state of the army’s resources for the period from June to September 2021.

MP Śmiszek on leaked e-mails and the situation of the Polish army:

We learn from them, among others what everyday items are bought by particular formations. It is about stationery, construction materials, kitchen equipment, clothes, shoes, shredders, printers, chargers, etc. The military also makes a lot of purchases related to the promotion of individual units, such as pennants, paintings or gorgets.

However, the base also includes full armament, along with spare parts for combat vehicles, tanks, fighters, artillery systems and ships.

The disclosed databases also list the types of software used by the military and a list of licenses purchased by them. The reader of the database resources learns about specific programs for the extraction and in-depth analysis of data from mobile phones and computers, as well as those for searching e-mails. He sees what programs the military uses to operate IT systems and military equipment.

Part of the base concerns weapons and machines purchased by the Polish army from other countries along with more or less complete equipment. These are, for example, Israeli Spike anti-tank missiles, German Leopard tanks or American F-16 fighters. Much of the data concerns equipment from the former USSR.

– I don’t know the case, but if it were so, the material is worth a lot of money. These are strategic data sought by Russia’s intelligence. They provide the basis for a precise estimation of the material condition of military units, what are our stocks, which units are prioritized, and more generally about the defense capability of our country. Such data are of particular importance for the planning of offensive operations, says General Piotr Pytel, former head of the Military Counterintelligence Service, when we ask him about the consequences of such a leak.

And he adds: – If this material got into the hands of the Russians, it could constitute a comprehensive basis for the verification of information already obtained in this key field, and it could even be used to verify the credibility of personal information sources providing them with such data.

This last point made him crucial for any interview. Having detailed data on the equipment of a specific unit, foreign intelligence can compare these data with the information provided, for example, by its informant in the Polish army. Therefore, it can say whether this informant is credible, or whether, for example, it provides false data, because in fact it cooperates with the Polish counterintelligence.

Human stupidity or work for foreign intelligence

The key issue for the Polish army will now be to determine who is responsible for the leak. Our analysis shows that the materials most likely leaked from the Logistics Planning Headquarters at the Armed Forces Support Inspectorate in Bydgoszcz. The databases found in the network are accompanied by “eJIM description and instructions for use” with the header of this institution. At the end there are data of two employees of this inspectorate. One of them has the annotation “author”.

Our informants claim that the reason for data leakage to the Internet may have been prosaic. Perhaps someone wanted to make it easier to work with databases, so he copied them from military systems and merged them into one database in a self-made simple program, which then leaked into the network. People from the services we interviewed do not exclude this possibility. Another reason for the leak may have been the intention to disclose them to third parties on purpose.

Unofficially, we have learned that the military services are currently conducting an operation aimed at detecting the source and cause of the leak.

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