A Glimmer of Hope Episode 125 Summary. Ozan breaks off all relations with his father. Gondja pushes Bahar down the stairs

A glimmer of hope
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A Ray of Hope episode 125 synopsis – what will happen in the new Turkish series? The premiere episode will be broadcast on Thursday, October 7 on TVP 2 at 17:10. The production will also be available online at

A Glimmer of Hope Episode 125 Summary. Omer spends the afternoon with Suhejla, he is very nice to her. Ozan breaks off all relations with his father, Halil goes berserk. Gondja pushes Bahar down the stairs. Mahmut decides to send Bahar to boarding school.

A ray of hope – what is the series about?

The series tells the story of a family that has been torn to pieces. A few years ago, Omer was accused of theft and went to prison. His wife Ipek began giving birth prematurely due to great stress. Unfortunately, after giving birth, she lost her child … Ipek does not know that Omer is innocent, and her greedy cousin Halil and his wife Neslihan set a trap for her beloved, which ended up in prison. It turns out that Neslihan wanted to break the bond between Ipek and Omer, so she gave Kadir the newborn child of Omer and Ipek to certain death. Kadir and his wife Selma did not have the heart to get rid of a child, so they decided to raise Ipek’s daughter Bahar as their own child. When Omer is released from prison 11 years later, he plans revenge on Ipek and her family.

Promyk hopi / Elif / Kozacka love. The stars of the series PRIVATE | ESKA XD – Hotplot # 30

A Ray of Hope – cast

In the new Turkish TVP2 series there are:

  • Ömer – Fatih Ayhan
  • Ipek – Gülşah Aydın
  • Neslihan – Esin Civangil
  • Bahar – Isabella Damla Güvenilir
  • Meliha – Alev Oraloğlu
  • Ozan – Ali Yağız Durmuş
  • Peri – Elif Tığlı

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