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This summer the Fiorentinaafter a long negotiation with Real Madrid, managed to secure Luka Jovic’s performance by entrusting him with the role of Dusan’s heir Vlahovic. The CV of the Serbian striker is of a high level, but the performances shown so far on the pitch do not justify the trust placed in him by the lily management. In 10 league and Conference League appearances, Jovic has scored only one goal so faron the first day against Cremonese, becoming the protagonist on the contrary in the home match against Juventus: how can we forget the sensational error from the spot. For the moment the purple number 7 is only a distant relative of the one seen a few seasons ago with the Eintracht Frankfurt shirt: the confidence at the beginning of the season, when in an interview he set the goal of reaching 30 total goals, he now seems to be behind him, and he himself has corrected his shot: “It’s a goal, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that I will reach “.

A BEGINNING OF THE SEASON ON THE HILL – Although it has never been publicly admitted, the facts speak for themselves at the Viola home: from the first training sessions of Moena Jovic’s retirement he was placed at the center of the project, ending up at the top of every type of hierarchy. After two months, however, the player still does not seem to have gotten into gear, and because of this the team is very lacking in terms of offensive danger. Fiorentina without his goals slowly slipped to the middle of the table: a single goal in 439 minutes played in the league is too little for a player paid almost 70 million only two summers ago by Real. Italian is already looking for a solution to find the goal more frequently and Sunday’s choice to send Kouame on the field as a center forward is to be interpreted as a message to the Serbian.: all are useful, no one is indispensable.

JOVIC PUSHES CABRAL ON THE BENCH – Up to now, the Italian has always preferred to give space to the former Real in the league and to Cabral in the Conference League. Despite the fact that living with Cabral is not the worst to endure, with the Brazilian also stopped at a goal, after a good impact on the first day with Cremonese the Serbian, on the other hand, went into great difficulty. The most difficult task now is for the coach who, not being able to count on both, will inevitably have to use the method that in the past has exalted Dusan Vlahovic, definitely focusing on one of the two. The place on the board of the technician is only one and for sure the hierarchies will be redesigned in the coming weeks: one will start in the league, the other in the Conference. The question is, what will the club’s choice be? On the one hand, yet another bet, on the other a boy in whom it was decided to invest 15 million only eight months ago.

RAIN ON THE WET – His performance in the field would have been enough, objectively insufficient compared to expectations, to attract the first criticisms on him but now we also get some physical boredom. During the last match against Verona no one went unnoticed by his refusal to take the field: even the Italian himself, although he publicly chose not to express himself, would be furious with him. Fiorentina minimizes everything and according to reports in the post-departure period from Niccolini, second-in-command coach of the Viola, the attacker would have had a last-minute muscular resentment which, in the event of an entry into the field, with the minutes could have led to something more serious. The feeling is however that the class of ’97 is in full crisis, not only physical but also psychological. Meanwhile, the player has still rallied with his national team and could play against Sweden next Saturday.

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