A Good Person, Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman united in grief in the first trailer of the film

Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman united in pain in the first trailer of A Good Person, a film written and directed by Zach Braff and arriving exclusively in Italy on Sky Cinema and NOW.

Florence Pugh And Morgan Freeman divide the scene into A Good Person. Directed by Zach Braff, the film has released the first official trailer in which it tells how you can survive a tragedy with the help of someone who loves you. The protagonist, Allison, is a woman who believes she has everything in life: love, family, success. But a terrible accident takes away all certainty. Allison survived, but the trauma coupled with her pain force her to deal with that tragedy constantly and her life falls apart. Director Zach Braff met Florence Pugh on the set of In the time it takes to get there, a 2019 short film served to strike the spark. The actress, moreover, is the most popular of the moment. Not only Marvel movies and series, but recently also his starring role of Don’t Worry Darling captured the public’s interest (also due to some background never fully clarified with director Olivia Wilde).

A Good Person, how to overcome a tragedy with Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman

Written and directed by Zach Braff, best known for Scrubs, the film represents his first project after five years. The director told EW that he had several major losses in the last half decade starting with his father, then his sister and two close friends. And it is this pain that drove him towards the screenplay of A Good Person.

I was simply overwhelmed by not only feeling the pain myself but also how the people closest to the pain were able to pick themselves up after the tragedy. And that’s what I really wanted to write about. Some of it is heartbreaking, but I wanted to write in my own style, which is to find the humor in everything. I have a very funny family and we always find a way to laugh our way through things, even the most painful ones.

In the first trailer from A Good Person, Allison is a woman with a bright future. She has a boyfriend she loves, a promising career, and is surrounded by family and friends who love her. However, her world crumbles following an accident. She survives, but carries with her the burden of that tragedy that pushes her towards an opiate addiction. Her unresolved grief becomes too much to handle so she seeks help and comes face to face with what could have been her father-in-law (Morgan Freeman). Both are struggling with pain and loss and it is by uniting in such a delicate moment that they manage to get back up. The film is expected in Italy soon exclusively on Sky Cinema and streaming on NOW.

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