A great commotion in Lyon! Olympique Marseille players refused to return to the field

Olympique Lyonnais’s match against Olympique de Marseille was cut short after a supporter threw a bottle in the head of Dimitri Payet. It was supposed to resume after more than 90 minutes, but the visitors refused to return to the field.

The last game of Matchday 14, Ligue 1, was interrupted after just four minutes. When Dimitri Payet was about to take a corner, a bottle flew towards him. Unfortunately for him, she hit the football player in the head.

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The referee immediately decided to stop the game and invited the players of both teams to the dressing room. For a long time there was no decision as to whether the match would be resumed.

The media reported that the main judge initially did not want to agree. It was not the first incident of this type on French football fields in recent times.

Later, however, it was decided to play the game. It is reported that it will resume at 10:24 pm local time. Olympique Lyonnais players came out for a warm-up.

The Marseilles refused to leave the locker room and exit the tunnel. It has been reported that Payet is unable to play in this match and neither is his teammates.

The decision to resume the competition was also strongly condemned by the authorities of the French league. Ultimately, the game will not be played on Sunday evening and it looks like Lyon will be forfeited.

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