A gun maker stole a rifle design from the game. Twice!

A gun maker stole a rifle design from the game.  Twice!

A small game developer called Ward B has accused the gun manufacturer Kalashnikov of stealing a weapon design from their upcoming production.

Although the story sounds like it was taken straight out of the movie, it really happened. A small studio called War B accuses the weapons manufacturer – Kalashnikov Concern – about Fr. stealing the project twice! How did this even happen?

Kalashnikov steals a weapon idea?

One of Kalashnikov’s contractors contacted the game developers. The company asked if it could use a fictional weapon project called EPM28 Mastodon, which was developed for Oceanic (the game has not had its debut yet), to create a real shotgun. According to the information, they wanted to present it to Kalashnikov.

President Ward B admitted that they liked the idea, but never went beyond a more formal framework. Both sides have never signed any agreement that would regulate the creation and use of such weapons. Nevertheless, this one was created.

After some time, the Kalashnikov company presented a weapon called MP-155 Ultima. This one in many ways resembles the EMP28 Mastodon. The creators of the game admit that many elements of the rifle have no practical use and are only there to make the weapon look better in the game. Nevertheless, they were transferred to the MP-155 Ultima.

EMP-155 Ultima
EMP-155 Ultima photo by Kalashnikov Concern

Second theft

However, the story does not end there. As if that was not enough, the Kalashnikov company began to sell the rights to the MP-155 Ultima, based on the EMP28 Mastodon project. On their concession, the weapon was included in the game Escape from Tarkov. Thus, the shotgun designed by Ward B made its debut in another production.

Obviously, Kalashnikov and their contractor insist that this is a completely standalone project and they have never even seen a Ward B project. Unfortunately, the developer has no illusions. The creators of the game, due to the expected difficulties, give up the fight in the courtrooms with the company located in Russia.

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Image Credit: Shutterstock, Ward B

Text Source: GrantshalaNews

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