A hair from a tragedy. Scary video from Poznań

A two-lane road, the driver on the right stops in front of the crossing. Pedestrians are walking into the street as a delivery truck is speeding down the left lane. Only thanks to the perceptiveness of a passing woman, the tragedy did not happen. The recording of the dangerous event went online.

The road pirate was speeding 142 km / h through the city

The 39-year-old was driving an Audi passenger car around Kołobrzeg at a speed of 142 km / h, exceeding the permitted limit by 92 km / h. Stopped for inspection by …

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“Limited to 30 km / h. Pedestrian in the crosswalk, on foot, in the crossings. Seeing the speeding bus in the mirror, I used a sound signal to warn the pedestrians. That’s why the woman in the video is running. I also drove the owl vehicle gently into the adjacent lane for the driver to brake. I was aware of the risk of a collision – but I wanted to protect pedestrians. The driver passed as you can see ”- we read in the description of the video posted by the author.

Both drivers met after a few hundred meters.

“In a conversation at the next intersection – he had no idea what I was talking about – he had a grudge that it was me who ran into his lane through a continuous line!” – adds the author, adding that the case was reported to the police.

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